At DiggingDeep we're all about creating extraordinary experiences. We design and build audiovisual installations and exhibitions. We work at the intersection of art, design and technology.
Balance Platform
Interactive mobile platform in the shape of 3x3 meters square, intended to be used by 2-4 people at the same time.
The balance of each of the participants is crucial and it allows the platform to move. The content of the installation is fully animated.
The goal of the game is to activate the stations. To do so you need to place the ball in the hole near each station, moving it from the center to the station along the labyrinth.

At the four corners of the installation there are stations that generate different types of energy: nuclear, solar, wind and hydropower.
When the ball enters the hole, a colorful animated infographic is shown on the screen to announce that the optimal amount of energy in the balance of the city system has been reached.
Team game.
Spherical Labyrinth
Breathtaking exhibit design concept with a dominant kinetic installation
The visual solution is based on smart-glass technology. From layers of glass covered in a special wrap, we invented a set of cubic figures, inside which various objects are enclosed. Glass can become frosted or transparent. In the sleeping mode the cubes are completely frosted, as if filled with fog, but as soon as the visitor approaches, the glass layer-by-layer turns into a transparent state, revealing the objects hidden in them, thereby creating various eye-catching effects.

Electrochromic glass
LED display cube. Four-sided right angle display with unique style. Seamless corner LED cube display.

A kinetic component is included in this interactive installation.

The installation is divided into two zones:
1) a shoe room with a rear projection screen, and 2) backstage dynamic construction.

1. Gyroscope-equipped sneaker

2. Rear projection - from a camera positioned on a structure.

3. A motor is in charge of rotational movement.

in motion
  1. Motor under control that rotates the entire construction

  2. Camera is displaying an image on the room's rear projection screen.

  3. Shoe is statically attached to the bracket. The axis of rotation of the motor coincides with the axis of the bracket.

  4. Generative graphics screen. The angle of frame rotation can also affect graphic dynamics.

  5. Box filler, such as gel-like luminous granules

  6. On top, a controlled lightbox
The rotation angle of the frame is determined by the angle of the real sneaker in the room:
The image from the construction camera is transferred to the room's projection:
The installation's wow factor is created through the physics of the materials that fill the box, a massive genuine shoe, and dynamics that are altered by the observer holding a sneaker.
There could be multiple boxes, each with its unique set-up, such as gel fluorescent balls, sand, water, smoke, or a laser machine. Specific product USPs may be revealed in each box. It is possible to switch between the cameras in the boxes on the room's stand.
View from the laser room. The shoe controls the rotation of the box and the lasers. The smoke in the box creates volume and dynamics:
Laser box:
Light-mirror box:
The kinetic showcase is a glass flasks that rises up from the podium. The installation allows us to demonstrate goods and objects, hiding them for the time being.
Kinetic Showcase
Light-mirror box:
You can have a look at how we bring a variety of ideas, even the most bizarre, into reality. We can show you our prototypes, research and plans for how to bring each of these ideas into reality.