About us
We measure the quality of our work based on the emotional responses of our users. So we kick off each project by developing a deep understanding of the feeling we want to evoke and build from there.
At DiggingDeep we're all about creating extraordinary experiences. We design and build audiovisual installations and exhibitions. We work at the intersection of art, design and technology.
True collaboration makes the best work. Whether it is with our internal team or a mix of yours and ours, we're on it – across time, distance, and discipline.
We create
Audiovisual shows and interactive experiences for companies that want to be related to technology, design and art.

Starting from graphic concepts and detailed ideas, we dive in the development and find ourselves again at the top with resolution.
Designs through our intersection model, we create live, hybrid and virtual experiences that inspire people. We create work that exists temporarily, like an event activation, as well as being permanently installed, for example, inside a corporate headquarters. We can collaborate with such companies like event agencies, architects, AV companies and even other artists that will strengthen our expertise in the field of experiential design.
If you're not sure if we're the right fit for your project,