The release of the new James Bond movie — «007 SPECTRE» — was marked by an innovative worldwide campaign. Heineken invited their consumers to open Bond's world and gave them the opportunity to make the world's first selfie from space.
To involve Russian consumers in the project through interactive activations in shopping malls, without engaging any promo personnel.
Satellite — is a high-tech interactive installation in shopping malls, so each visitor of could feel himself as a 007 agent and make a selfie from outer «space»
A high-tech suspended structure equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot, rotation LED screens with animated Heineken logo displayed on them, a directional sound system and a camera with a powerful lens.

Is a control center for a satellite. Once connected to satellite user had to follow voice instructions to control it from his smartphone.

No need to install any apps - satellite control is done with smartphone browser.
53 000
7 weeks
7 satellites
0 promo personnel.
#spyfie selfies done.
80 #spyfie selfies each hour.
of 24/7 work.
were installed in 7 shopping malls in 3 major Russian cities.