Fialka -
Object type
Complex multimedia installation at the Museum of Cryptography

Tell the visitor about the main encryption machine "Violet"in the USSR and the countries of the Warsaw Pact. Tell the story of how it was created and then used, show the main principles of operation. Impress them with scale.

One of the main museums' landmarks. A large-scale kinetic installation with giant spinning rotor disks of the Violet machine that simulate the encryption process. The visitor can go inside the "disks", learn in an interactive format the history and operation of the machine and even try to encrypt the message.


1. Authentic object - real cryptomachine Violet.

2. Terminal. The history of the creation and use of the Violet machine.

3. Terminal. Principles of its operation.

4. Violet Model - Simulator connected to the screen.

5. Screen
There is a Violet model in the room. You see the keyboard and basic control.

Instructions appear on the screen to set up the machine and start typing the message.

While you are typing on the keyboard, the encoding process is taking place, which you are watching in real time.

1. Keyboard and the ability to change the layout

2. Operation mode switching

3. Start and stop decryption

4. Toggle switch for displaying punched tape on the screen

Model's mechanism: