Cryptography museum

The exhibit embodies a metaphor. It physically immerses the visitor into a transmitted unit of information, at a certain moment unfamiliar characters turn into distinct phrases, as a metaphor for the sudden disclosure of a secret or truth.

"Wax Tablets"
This is one of the oldest methods of storing and transmitting information. Greek writer Aeneas Tacticus in his work "How to survive under Seige" (357 BC) writes how you can use tablets to protect information. He suggests putting the necessary text on the board, after covering it with wax, the final layer is another text, which does not carry any significance. And the addressee had to remove the layer of wax and get the necessary hidden information.
The mechanical heart of cryptography
One of the main expositions of the area. A large-scale kinetic installation with giant rotating disks of one of the most popular electromechanical encryption machines in the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries "Fialka". Disks demonstrate the encryption process. The visitor can enter inside the "discs", learn in an interactive format the history and principle of operation of the machine.

Multi-component installation Kotelnikov's Cabinet
Kotelnikov was one of the most significant scientists of cryptography. This installation is a review of Kotelnikov's scientific achievements. The goal is to introduce one of the most important people in cryptography, the founder of the Soviet secret radio-telephone communication and information theory, to talk about important concepts in cryptography and computer science related to the developments of the scientist. To reveal the essence of Kotelnikov's "refeence theorem" and his idea of an absolutely secure encryption system.

Instead of a letter, a part of it was written, but in such a way that in its outlines there was no coincidence with other letters. In rare cases, it is allowed to turn the letter in the opposite direction.

(magic squares, puzzles, alchemy)

By pointing a flashlight at the images, the visitor transforms them, revealing an additional layer of content

Pretty ink
Invisible ink that appears when exposed to special liquids. A table for "experiments" with various chemical, organic ink components. Task: find a combination of 2 components to reveal a message on a piece of paper fixed on a table. The graphics appear under the flasks when the flask is placed on the table.

  1. Projector

  2. Full-hd camera

  3. Projection plane

  4. Flask with colorful liquid

  5. Blank old sheets of paper